Hello everyone, and thank you for visiting my ever growing computers and electronics blog. My name is Tyler, and I have been interested in computer and electronics since I can remember. I was born into the desktop PC age, and as so my mom liked to joke that I knew how to type before I could walk but if you saw me typing now you would never know. I hope to be able to bring you guys quality posts weekly or even bi-weekly about electronic news, computer projects, products reviews and anything else that might seem cool.


A little about me; I am an avid console and PC gamer who has spent a lot of my working life working on computers (worked in a repair bay at 14) or other electronic equipment (worked out satellite GPS systems out of high school). I hope that with my experience and my interests I can bring you guys a good mixture of posts regarding different subjects that revolve around computers and consumer electronics. And of course, if there are any topics you would like me to cover then please send me an email. Have a great week everyone!