Hello there everyone, welcome back to my computers and electronics blog. I am sure that by now you have all heard the latest ridiculousnes that came out of the States. The worst president in American history, Donald Trump, has said that America will be leaving the Paris Climate Accord only a handful of years after President Barack Obama entered the accord. This came after the leaders of 25 of the largest and most successful companies in the US including Facebook, Morgan Stanley, and Tesla, sent a letter urging Trump to stay in the accord. Since the announcement, Elon Musk has dropped out of Trump’s advisory council, stating that leaving Paris is not good for America or the World. This now marks the second CEO of an industry leader to leave Trumps council, after UBER CEO Travis Kalanick dropped out of the council in February. 

It seems that Musk and the rest of the council have not been very convincing, as Musk has previously stated that he will advise the President on his travel ban as well as climate change. After made the announcement made on Friday, various CEO’s from Silicon Valley have expressed their distaste in the latest move by POTUS. Microsoft was one of the first major companies to speak up, mentioning that they have worked with Trump over the past couple months to help reach a fair end point. Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook is equally unimpressed, making a brief Facebook point highlighting the issues with Mr. Trump’s choice. This was after these companies along with other such as Intel, Adobe and Apple placed a full page ad in newspapers around the country in the past month. The ad stated that the Paris deal will strengthen competitiveness in the market, which will create more jobs and growth as well as reduce risk for businesses.

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