Hey guys, thanks for coming back to support my first real post on my computer and electronics blog. Today I wanted to talk to you guys about something close to me, well literally anyways. I'm talking about my mouse. I use a Steelseries Sensei Raw Glossy Mouse for my gaming and general computer work, and I quite enjoy it so far. I have used this peripheral for over three years now, and have had no issues with it whatsoever. It lacks the dozen of macro keys for having every control on your mouse, but the game I play don’t support many macros anyways so that isn't a problem to me.

The Sensei Raw is the strip downed version of the original Steelseries Sensei mouse. Steelseries has gotten rid of the LCD display panel and the processing chip built into the device, making it cheaper and more user friendly. Speaking of user friendly, there is also no need to install any hardware before using this peripheral. All drivers are self contained by the mouse itself, however you may want to download Steelseries Engine 3 for the customization options. I mentioned before the lack of macro keys, but I didn’t mention the fact that you can tie keystrokes and even combos to your macros to give you an endless supply of spells/ammo drops, whatever you macro in your game. Mf absolute favourite part of this mouse though is the feel. It has such simple design and reminds me a little of the mice you would use in a school computer lab, except glossy. All of the buttons are where they should be, and the mouse glides effortlessly across almost any surface. Seeing as this mouse sells for less than $80, I think it should definitely be your next upgrade. Take  it easy, see you guys next time.

 steelseries sensei raw gaming mouse