Hey guys, once again I am super super glad for your continued support of my computer and consumer electronics blog. Somehow my $400 Iphone broke the other day, and I am not spending a ridiculous amount of money to buy another smartphone that is just going to break in a couple months. So i did some digging in my electronics drawer (every house has one) and I found my old blue Nokia phone. I don’t even know what it is, all I know is that it’s a nokia, it’s blue, and its indestructible. I bought this about a year, year and a half ago maybe and in that time have dropped it, thrown it, used it to squash bugs and even used it as a hammer on one occasion. The phone still work perfectly, and the screen isn't even scratched!


Not only is this phone indestructible in every sense of the word, but it also has everything phones used to be know for. Like free games. I have a couple games that are only trials and the full game requires a one time payment of a couple dollars, but the best games are free-sudoku and snake. I have beaten every level of sudoku twice, and by the time you get all the way through you forget about those levels at the beginning so there is a continuous cycle of levels to play. These phones also include an LED flashlight, accessible by pressing ‘UP’ twice or also in the quick commands. One of my favourite features that I didn't have in my old phones is a proper keypad lock, requiring you to hit two keys on different ends of the keypad to unlock it. When you combine all that with the fact that you can buy these for less than $20 brand new some places, I don’t see why you wouldn't want to have one of these in your electronics drawer.

 Nokia 105 Dual Sim Phone