Huawei for your whole House

Hey everyone, welcome back to yet another post on my computers and electronics blog. Can you believe we are already in February of 2017? We have come so far in the past 10 years technology wise it's amazing. I am actually pretty far back from current electronics, so I like to frequent this used goods website called to try and keep up to date for cheap. Lately, I have been trying to find as many electronics made by the same company so that there is a little bit of togetherness in the house. I decided to go with Huawei, and have been able to switch a lot of the older computers and other electronics out with ones by them. If you like this idea, check out these items from Huawei you can use all over your house.

Huawei Logo

Huawei Blaze Mobile Phone

That’s right, I am still rocking my Huawei Blaze. It may have came out 5 years ago, but this little phone is still rocking for me. It was really cheap when it was released in 2011, but prices are even lower now if you look online. I found a really cheap one at that I plan on using as a spare for when this one breaks.

Huawei Blaze

Huawei YouView Box

This one seemed to slip under most people's radar. The Huawei DN 370T is a slick looking YouView PVR that can hold 500GB of video. The box allows you to watch over 70 digital channels and stream TV directly from its own 15-day electronic programme guide. I found a Huawei DN 370T for sale online on and snapped it up immediately to go in my living room and replace my old multimedia PC.

Huawei Fit

Every electronics company has their own fitness watch now, and Huawei is no outlier. Last year they released the Huawei Fit, and it unfortunately does not stand out amongst the other fitness trackers out there. The Fit is waterproof up to an !P68 ratings, meaning swimming or showering is fine. You can also hook it up to your phone via Bluetooth, but connectivity is not very good. If this seems like something you are interested in, check out more at Huawei’s website.

Huawei Fit

Huawei Color Cube

That’s right, Huawei has a box like speaker too! This style of speaker seems to be all the rage right now, and after hearing some of these I can see why. The Color Cube comes in a variety of bright colors (the even match my old Nokia!) The new AM10 model supports bluetooth and auxiliary as well as multi-sound inputs. If you try this speaker, you will love it.

Anything I missed?

I know I am not the most diehard Huawei fan out there, so if any of you think that I should have shown another product then let me know in the comments! Thanks again for supporting my blog, please support us a little more and check out this article on Asus. See you all soon.