Hey all you geeks, welcome back to my computers and electronics blog. I wanted to finish up a series I started months ago with my very first post on building a computer, part one. Now we are almost done, and I can imagine there are quite a few frustrated readers out there with a half finished computer sitting on the corner, waiting for me to give an update. Well here it is, and as always I am trying to keep this a budget system so all of the parts were bought used from my favourite used electronics website, http://www.used.forsale/australia. I have already gone over the motherboard, processor and RAM as well as the power supply unit. Now it is time to finish up your computer with a few more parts.

Custom PC 

Hard Drive

This is oh so important. How are you going to store anything without a harddrive? You need this to store photos, videos, all of your school work and even the operating system. Everything on your computer gets stored on your hard drive, so make sure that you get a big one. Used hard drives can be a little scary as you never truly know the shape they are in but they are cheaper. I picked up a couple to use in my new build, and saved lots of money buying them used on http://www.used.forsale/australia/sydney/hard-drive. I was actually able to afford an additional hard drive (in case those fail) with all my savings.


Used Hard Drives 

Cooling System

Computers generate a lot of heat, and that heat needs to dissipate before it can damage any of the expensive parts inside your system. That means you need a fan or some other sort of cooling system inside the computer. I prefer to use fans for the most part, liquid cooling is just too expensive especially for a budget build. A really good company to look at for computer fans is Coolermaster, who have been well renowned for their cases and are now using the same cooling technology to help cool other computers. Of course this is the fan I went with, and after seeing some cheap coolermaster fans for sale on http://www.used.forsale/australia/sydney/coolermaster-fan I snagged them up and installed them in the computer. We are almost ready, just a couple more things.

-Cooler Master Fan

To Be Continued…

That’s right, this is going to be a four part series. Most of you probably know what you are going to be getting next already if you have any idea how a computer works (or looks). If you are reading this post really confused, then that means you must have missed my build a computer part two post, and you should really read up on it! I hope you all learned at least something from this post, and if you didn’t then be sure to come back next time so you can try and learn something from that.