Build A Computer Part One

Hey everyone, welcome back to my computer and electronics blog. My younger brother is finally allowed to have his own computer, and I was able to convince him to build his own. I worked at a computer shop when I was younger so for my, putting a PC together is easy. My brother on the other hand, doesn’t know where to start. I thought I would be a nice sibling and help him, so before he builds his nice fancy computer we are buying a lot of used parts from to build a PC together. I will be teaching him along the way, so hopefully we will have a working computer by the end of it!

 build a computer together

The Motherboard

The first thing I made my brother look at was motherboards. A lot of people prefer to always use new motherboards, but you can find some great used motherboards out there. We looked at and found some great one to pick from. There were used models from last year available as well as some models from almost ten years ago in amazing condition. We ended up getting a motherboard that came with a processor still attached and not burnt out, which surprisingly has more power than my old nokia phone.

 Motherboard PC


A wanted to get RAM early for my brother so that he can get a better understanding of what it is. For those of you who don’t know, RAM is randomly accessible memory that is used by you computer for everything. Simply put, the more RAM you have the more actions that can be performed by your PC. RAM is also very important in gaming and graphic design, as all the pixels on the screen have to be given specific instructions and all follow those instructions at one. There are some really great used RAM sticks available at that we picked up, and we even grabbed some extra as the chips might be burnt out already. If you want to know more about RAM and how it works, check out the information available at

 DDR3 RAM sticks

Part Two To Come

We haven’t bought all the parts to build my brothers PC yet, so I can’t give a full run down until we have put them all together. I am going away for work for a couple weeks, but we will be sending links back and forth comparing parts and I really hope that he will take it upon himself to go and grab the ones we talk about. If not, then it will just be a bit more bonding time for us. I hope this has been helpful to anyone wanting to build a PC, and I promise the next part will be out soon! If you liked reading this post and want to read another like it, then why not check out my post about free-to-play games and let me know what you think. See you later.