Asus hitting Apple & Dell’s high end market


If you are wanting a laptop for more professional uses such as editing movies or designing kitchens, people always presume Apple, or Dell,  and the expense that comes with them. The spec of machine needed for these kind of applications is way ahead of a standard laptop used for studying and general internet surfing. Most people wanting to use these high end applications would expect to pay over $2000 for a machine capable, but Asus have released the Zen Book Pro, retailing at around $1500 and equally as powerful.


The Zen Book Pro has a cool looking metal chassis, great battery life, excellent built in Nvidia graphics performance and a bright UHD 15 inch touch screen. The machine has an Intelcore i7 CPU, 512 GB SSD, 16GB RAM and Nvidia 960M graphics card on board. It’s competitors with this kind of spec being the MacBook Pro and Dell XPS15, both of which are $500 plus more expensive from retailers.


This powerful machine also boasts a high-res UHD touch screen, making it the perfect machine for editing stills and video. This laptop is so good it almost feels like there should be some hidden flaws with it. However on testing experts couldn’t find anything substantial. It does weigh a little heavier, weighing 5 pounds,  than it’s Apple and Dell competitor but not enough to deter users. Also the screen brightness, at 289 nits, is similar to the Dell XPS15 but slightly dimmer than the MacBook Pro, at 303 nits. However, the ZenBook Pro’s screen can reproduce 110% of the sRGB colour, with the MacBook Pro only re-producing 86%. The Dell XPS 15 destroys both in this spec though with 191%, however many artists who tested these machines say this is overkill.


Overall, the verdict coming out is that the ZenBook Pro and Asus as it’s manufacturer have given this end of the laptop market a wake up call with it’s spec, slick body and of course the price tag.

asus zen