A Beginners Guide to PC Backups

18/04/2017 Main

Hey there everyone, I am happy to welcome you all back to my computers and electronics blog. Today I wanted to talk about something that we all should be doing, backing up their computers. We all know that we should be backing up our data, but how many of us really do? There are millions of people taking photos everyday, so in one year we are storing an estimated 1.2 trillion digital photos that could all disappear at the drop of a hat. Why are so many people not bothering to back up this personally significant data? Read more

Build a Computer - Part One

13/04/2017 Main
Build A Computer Part One

Hey everyone, welcome back to my computer and electronics blog. My younger brother is finally allowed to have his own computer, and I was able to convince him to build his own. I worked at a computer shop when I was younger so for my, putting a PC together is easy. My brother on the other hand, doesn’t know where to start. I thought I would be a nice sibling and help him, so before he builds his nice fancy computer we are buying a lot of used parts from http://www.used.forsale/canada/ to build a PC together. I will be teaching him along the way, so hopefully we will have a working computer by the end of it! Read more

Free to Play games

23/02/2017 Main

Hey readers, welcome back to my computers and electronics blog. Today I wanted to talk to you guys about something that is becoming more and more prevalent in today's gaming market-free to play games. If you open your phone or tablet and head on over to the app store and sort the games by highest grossing, most of the top ones that aren’t mobile ports are free games. How can they be top grossing if they are free though? Because some people will spend insane amounts of money on things that help them advance further and quicker, or sometimes just for vanity's sake. These people are the reason when you look at buying some gold or gems or whatever currency there is some ridiculously high amount that costs upwards of $100. These “big fish” as developers call them can ruin the game for others, and ruin an otherwise pristine developers reputation. Read more

Huawei For Your Whole House

10/02/2017 Main
Huawei for your whole House

Hey everyone, welcome back to yet another post on my computers and electronics blog. Can you believe we are already in February of 2017? We have come so far in the past 10 years technology wise it's amazing. I am actually pretty far back from current electronics, so I like to frequent this used goods website called http://www.for-sale.co.uk/ to try and keep up to date for cheap. Lately, I have been trying to find as many electronics made by the same company so that there is a little bit of togetherness in the house. I decided to go with Huawei, and have been able to switch a lot of the older computers and other electronics out with ones by them. If you like this idea, check out these items from Huawei you can use all over your house. Read more

Asus hitting Apple & Dell’s high end market

03/01/2017 Main

Asus hitting Apple & Dell’s high end market Read more

NutriBullet Review and recipe

20/12/2016 Main

Hey everyone.  This is Tyler here, and welcome back to my computer and consumer electronics blog.   Read more

My Old Nokia

06/12/2016 Main

Hey guys, once again I am super super glad for your continued support of my computer and consumer electronics blog. Somehow my $400 Iphone broke the other day, and I am not spending a ridiculous amount of money to buy another smartphone that is just going to break in a couple months. So i did some digging in my electronics drawer (every house has one) and I found my old blue Nokia phone. I don’t even know what it is, all I know is that it’s a nokia, it’s blue, and its indestructible. I bought this about a year, year and a half ago maybe and in that time have dropped it, thrown it, used it to squash bugs and even used it as a hammer on one occasion. The phone still work perfectly, and the screen isn't even scratched! Read more


Sensei Raw Review

02/12/2016 Main

Hey guys, thanks for coming back to support my first real post on my computer and electronics blog. Today I wanted to talk to you guys about something close to me, well literally anyways. I'm talking about my mouse. I use a Steelseries Sensei Raw Glossy Mouse for my gaming and general computer work, and I quite enjoy it so far. I have used this peripheral for over three years now, and have had no issues with it whatsoever. It lacks the dozen of macro keys for having every control on your mouse, but the game I play don’t support many macros anyways so that isn't a problem to me. Read more


Welcome to My Computers/Electronics Blog

30/11/2016 Main

Hello everyone, and thank you for visiting my ever growing computers and electronics blog. My name is Tyler, and I have been interested in computer and electronics since I can remember. I was born into the desktop PC age, and as so my mom liked to joke that I knew how to type before I could walk but if you saw me typing now you would never know. I hope to be able to bring you guys quality posts weekly or even bi-weekly about electronic news, computer projects, products reviews and anything else that might seem cool. Read more